Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Skinny Love by Birdy

A very young musician by the name of Birdy has created this beautiful song titled Skinny Love.  The chords are really simple cycling from C#m-A-E partitions and E-G#m-C#m on some parts.  I've posted the music widget below so you can listen to it.

The link for the sheet music is below.

Click here to purchase.


Anonymous said...

No no no I think you will find the song is by Bon Iver. Birdy did not create this beautiful song.

Jonas said...

Wow, thankyou for the information! I didn't know that. I listened to the original and it has a nice guitar accompaniment to it.

Kristenn said...

Yes, it is originally by Bon Iver, but I personally think Birdy does a WAY better job singing it and playing it. And she's only fourteen :)

Anonymous said...

Birdy didn't create the song, Bon Iver did. Both versions are great, but I personally like Birdy's more, because of the piano. I'm a big piano enthusiast.