Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Lonely by Christina Perri

Christina Perri has brought us the song Jar of Hearts, and now she is with another big hit titled "The Lonely". The piano accompaniment she used here is fairly easy to master because the notes are within hands reach (no need to jump from one octave to another) as with her previous hit song. The sample music is below.

The chords are fairly easy.

Gm - D/F# - Eb - Bb, D
Gm - D - Eb - Bb, D (2x)
Eb, F, Bb, Gm, Eb, F, D
Gm - D/F# - Eb - Bb, D
Gm - D/F# - Eb - Bb - D
2nd Stanza Intro:
Gm - D/F#
Gm, F/A, Bb, Bb/D, Eb
Gm, F/A, Bb, Bb/D, Cm, Bb
Gm, F/A, Bb, Bb/D, EbM7
Gm, F/A, Bb, Bb/D, Cm - D

Here's the link to the sheet music...

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