Sunday, February 27, 2011

Morning Sun (an original composition)

Here's one of my original works using the Yamaha PSR-K1. This was an older model of Yamaha that I bought at NY for a very cheap price of $270! What a great bargain for such a good investment. I did this music for an aunt of mine who just started her watercolor business at (please check out this site for watercolor posters, they have all original work).

Although the video does not show my keyboard (as it does show our little piano). The PSR-K1 was what I used mostly during the creation of this composition. The latter parts, I used our piano.

The music has this serene and relaxing feel to it, as what my aunt wanted for her website since most of her pictures have lovely colors and warmth on them.

I have posted the notes to this composition here at these links. Feel free to use them but of course give credit to where it is due, as I still hold the copyrights to this piece. :) A link to this blogsite would be great!

If you're a fan of new sheet music, click here.

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