Sunday, February 27, 2011

Earn money from your uploads?

I've stumbled upon this site last week, it's fairly new, though I'm not sure about other websites offering the same service. The website is Filesonic. It says you could earn money when people download your uploaded stuff! Yes it doesn't seem true but I'd be testing it. I actually bought a premium plan worth $25 from them, good for 90 days just to try it out.

Depending on the location where the file is downloaded, the pay-per-download rates differ so it's good to target countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and the latest addition - Germany. It pays a certain amount of $ per 1000 downloads of your file, ranging from $1 to $35 per 1000 downloads -- also affected by the file size. So the bigger the file downloaded, the bigger compensation you would get.

You can check out this link and find out for yourself. I will be updating this blog post to check how feasible this idea is. The main goal is to have files that people would like to download for free (of course they should be original material). I've uploaded one of my original compositions there for free download.

Click here to go to Filesonic.

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