Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is the Apple iPad for You?

The iPad. It's such a unique gadget until a lot of manufacturers released their own tablet-type PCs. With all the hype today with these gadgets, it gets difficult to decide what to get for yourself. I didn't have much choice back then since I bought it during its early days, so yes I got the first gen.

I won't be dealing with the technical specs , but what some of us ask ourselves: Does this gadget fit my lifestyle?

I bought the iPad for my wife, who does a lot of blogging and surfing the net, as a surprise.  I got the 3G, 32GB storage product.  It's the 2nd most expensive, next to the 64GB.  It goes in this order (without 3G) 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, then the same storage capacity but with 3G - which is network provided internet service.  You will just need a simcard capable of internet connection from your network provider.

We've been using this for about 6 months, so far so good, it has its ups and downs.

If you're heavy on browsing the web, just plain surfing, this thing performs quite well.  The touch screen experience is a pleasure, as you can instantly make the view small by pinching it and larger by "reverse pinching" it (LoL!) I apologize for the term but what I mean to say is if you put two fingers on the screen and slide them away from each other, this effectively increases the viewing size.  It becomes problematic when you view sites with "flash" content as it does not support the program.  It has its own youtube viewer which you can use.  The normal youtube on the safari page will just not play any videos as these are flash.

For typing stuff, nothing beats the good old keyboard.  It's not too friendly for bloggers as it feels slightly uncomfortable to be used for typing a lot of words.  Maybe a sentence or two would be ok, but paragraphs with more sentences would be for me, torture.  You might get away getting the external keypad for the iPad if you will be using it for blogging purposes.

The iPad is also best when you want to kill time.  There are just tons of free apps (applications, games, software) on the appstore for you to play around.  Most of them you can buy for cheap.  There are games available like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies which you can purchase for less than $10 each.  A good number of apps even sell for less than a dollar! My 2yr old nephew loves to play games with it.

I drive around a lot so the built in GPS, which is only available for the 3G iPad, becomes really useful.  I bought myself a dedicated map from the appstore so that it doesn't need to load everytime I use the GPS.  I've used it to discover shortcuts to old places and new ones too.

It's a little awkward handling the iPad at first, but you get used to it.  Never experienced dropping the thing, and wouldn't even try that with the price tag associated with it.  I had it covered with the invicible shield screen protector, although they say that it's somehow scratch proof, it won't kill you to protect this gadget.

Although the iPad didn't quite serve the purpose (blogging) as to why I bought it, it definitely is a portable device with a lot to offer.  I would recommend it for people on the go.  Some of the newer devices that came out just doesn't have the large screen display that it offers, so no need for squinting with this gadget.  Perfect for browsing, sending short emails, killing time, driving support with the GPS.  For me it's all worth it.

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